December 20, 2013 – My Son Will’s Birthday
Friday December 20th 2013, 10:33 pm
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Hey everyone….wow.  I forgot that I should probably blog since I have this blog and well, no one will care about it unless I CARE ABOUT IT…so I figured today I care and will blog!

(has it really been YEARS since my last blog post!  Dang!!)

So today is a special day for me.  Today is my son’s 14th birthday!  My first son….but let me tell you a story before I go any further.

My name is William Lage.  I am the 5th (that I know of) William Lage in a row.  My dad’s name is William Lage…my grandfather’s name is William Lage and the next 2 above them….yep…William Lage.  As a kid I was called Billy and my dad was Bill.  I always enjoyed that we had the same name. I was very proud of this tradition and I prayed I would be able to continue the tradition on.

I was married in 1998 and 9 months later we found out that we were expecting our first child.  I remember smiling and being so very excited and saying things like…”Life cannot get better than this!”  At 20, weeks along we were to find out the sex of the child and make sure all was good.  I remember it very clearly.  I was going to leave for a show out in Bismarck, ND but we first had to have the ultrasound.  I took the day off and we went.  The lab tech was doing her thing and I was doing mine…joking and smiling and being a fool.  She said that we are expecting a boy!  I was so excited.  We can name him William and he will be the 6th in a row!  Then she stopped and left and said she would be back in a minute.  I had not gone through an ultrasound before but this seemed odd.  Heather and I joked and said what happened….is there a third arm growing out of my son’s head?  We thought nothing of it.

She had gone to get another doctors 2nd opinion.  She said something didn’t look right…

Our joy quickly turned to concern.  What is going on?  This cannot be happening to us.  We are young, excited to be parents, feeling open to each and every blessing…the doctor came in and gave us some more info but we had to come back for a Level 2 ultrasound.

The level 2 ultrasound discovered 2 birth defects.  Here they are…if you want to know more…feel free to Google these…

1.  encephalocele (part of his brain was forming outside of the skull)

2. onfalocele (where his internal organs were forming in the umbilical cord)

So…it did not look good but we prayed and told God that He was in control.  We named him right away William Christopher Lage (the 6th William Lage in a row) and we promised to give his precious life a chance.

All was ok…Will was an active baby inside the womb but at 30 weeks along…he stopped kicking.  Our worse fears came to life…Will had passed away.

Will was still born to us on December 20, 1999.  We had 2 funerals.  One in Shakopee at the church where Heather worked and one in Hillsborro, ND where Heather’s parents lived.

Will is buried there.  Here is his picture of his final resting place….



Since Will we have had a healthy son (Austin who is 12) and a healthy daughter (Megan who is 8) and we did have a miscarriage between the 2 of them who we refer to lovingly as “Baby #3″.   (Megan tells us it was a girl….just because!)

So today I celebrate his life.  We got to know him in the 30 weeks of his existence here on earth while he was inside the womb.  Today in his memory, I donated some gifts to Toys For Tots and they were ones that Austin and Megan helped to choose.  Ones THEY WANTED!  :-)

Will changed my life and he is the last William Lage in a row (unless Austin has a boy..then maybe…) but his life meant the world me!  I have been blessed to have 4 kids and 2 are in heaven and I look forward to meet them someday!  A part of me is already in heaven.  I feel at peace with that!

So please, this Christmas…love your family, hug your kids, tell your parents you love them and know that LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

Peace, DJ Bill Lage