Celebrating 9 years of the Sacrament of Marriage
Wednesday August 22nd 2007, 4:10 am
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So today I am happy to share with you that I have been married for 9 wonderful years. The sacrament of marriage is an interesting one and I have to admit I am still learning as I walk with my beautiful wife through this world.

I remember like it was yesterday. With Heather in her beautiful white dress, not being able to stop smiling ear to ear. She truly was and still is a vision. Her heart is pure and her love is constant. I can honestly say I am a lucky man to be blessed with her love.

Not every year over the past 9 years has been all wonderful and dreamy…we have had our share of disagreements and times when we do not see anywhere close to eye to eye but through it all, she has remained my best friend, the one who supports me with all my crazy thoughts and ideas and the one who has always loved me.

Next year will be year 10 and maybe I will finally give her that honeymoon I have always promised her but this is year 9 and I hope and pray she enjoys the flowers, the dinner with me away from our beautiful kids and that she just knows that above all I love her completely and unconditionally!

Please pray for the sacrament of marriage. May all marriages stay strong and last through all the struggle that may arise. What God has joined may no one separate!


DJ Bill Lage