Merry Christmas from DJ Bill!
Thursday December 21st 2006, 10:59 am
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Merry Christmas everyone.  My son Austin is so excited that Christmas is almost here.  He keeps opening a day on his Advent calendar and counting down.  Since he is 5 years old he cannot wait until Christmas day.  He even made me a present at school so I am very excited to see what the loosely wrapped in a brown paper bag with crayon and marker hearts on it contains.  (it is truly the thought that counts!)

I am happy to be able to take the next few weeks to take some time off from entertaining, focus on my family and the miracle of Christmas once again.  I pray that everyone has a blessed Christmas and that you all remember that Jesus is not only the reason for the Christmas season but the only reason for everything.

I pray for PEACE and a blessed  2007 for everyone and all of your families!

DJ Bill Lage

St. Michael Church in Prior Lake, MN – Christmas Party
Thursday December 21st 2006, 9:03 am
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Last night I had the opportunity to DJ for the Church of St. Michael in Prior Lake, MN.  The 2 hour show was a lot of fun.  After a few minutes of warm up music the crowd was ready to freak out.  The people were jumping and praising the Lord with their feet.  Everyone seemed to love the new blinkie glasses that I have had over the past 2 months.

All I know it was an awesome Christmas party!  It was fun working with Gina and Nate and all the youth from St. Michael’s Church!

DJ Bill

The Catholic Dance is spreading…
Wednesday December 13th 2006, 2:16 pm
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Yes it is true.  The Catholic Dance is spreading.  Since showing the world at the NCCYM conference in Las Vegas two short weeks ago.  I have had a great response to my new website, I have added a ton of new friends to my MySpace page and it is not even 2007 yet!

Keep praying that the Lord will use me as He wills. My prayer for the rest of the year (and beyond) is “Here I am Lord, I have come to do Your Will!”  This is a tough prayer but one I believe that I need to be doing and so far I am booking shows and will be spreading the DJ Bill Lage Fun Show accross the nation!


DJ Bill Lage –

Immaculate Conception – Dec. 8, 2006
Monday December 11th 2006, 3:21 pm
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So you learn something new everyday. I was talking with my wife about getting to Mass on Friday since it was the Immaculate Conception and a Holy Day of Obligation. I told my wife that it sure seemed weird that the Immaculate Conception was in December since Jesus’ birthday was only a few weeks away.

So after my wife stopped laughing at me she said it is not about Jesus…it is about Mary being born without original sin!

**The Light bulb went on**

I said “OH!! It all makes sense now!”

Wanting to verify that my wife was correct I had to do a quick Google search online and found this information…

In the Constitution Ineffabilis Deus of 8 December, 1854, Pius IX pronounced and defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary “in the first instance of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace granted by God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the human race, was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin.”

Good information there and yes…my wife was right! So I guess being 36 and a Lay minister of the Catholic Faith it is good to still learn something new everyday. God is always teaching you and helping us learn new things. My challenge is to always be open to learning something new and not think I know it all!

I pray you all were able to make it to Mass and I pray you are feeling an eager anticipation during this Advent season for our Savior’s birth!


DJ Bill –

MySpace, YourSpace, OurSpace, Cyberspace??
Wednesday December 06th 2006, 10:52 am
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Yes it is true…DJ Bill is on MySpace! Feel free to check out my very plain and boring MySpace at

Now, with that being said, I want to caution you before going there…

My first experience with MySpace was not a positive one. I was setting up my account, searching for people I knew and saw that there were a lot of things out there. My wife was upset that I was there and my account was closed. I found that it was not a positive place for me. I wanted to stay a strong man of God so I chose to close my account and move on.

For about a year I boycotted MySpace and just did not agree with what it stood for, what it was and how it could lead people into temptation. I also found that most of the advertisements for dating sites were quite PG-13 if not worse. A lot of my friends were on MySpace and some of my all time favorite artists were on there so I struggled not being a part of it.

So after a lot of prayer and a change of focus with things I am back. I believe MySpace is no different then the offline world we live in. Temptation everywhere. People of all different types and kinds trying to lure you away from your goals and what you believe. I have gone back on to MySpace with a new resolve to be a positive light to the people there. To be myself and show the world who DJ Bill Lage is and show Jesus through His example! Temptation will always be there if you are online or offline. The goal is to be who God has made you to be and simply keep Chasing Jesus!

Be safe and keep your eyes focused and you will be great. I will be praying for you!


DJ Bill Lage

Catholic Dance drops in Sin City
Tuesday December 05th 2006, 12:49 pm
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Yes it is true. In order to be a light in this day and age we need to go into the heart of the beast and be a light for Christ! I was honored to have a wonderful opportunity to share the Catholic Dance in Las Vegas this past weekend for over 2000 youth ministers across the nation!

On Friday, I was a part of the artist coffeehouse and the good news is my 2 song set of the Catholic Dance and Follow the Leader resulted in NO ONE getting burned by coffee but it did have everyone up and moving and praising God with their dancing. I was happy to see Full, Conscious, Active, Participation during the 10 minute set (I went over a few minutes!! OOPS!)

On Saturday night, I was a part of the 25th Birthday Bash! I had the opportunity to work with Anna Scally from Cornerstone Media. She is a Catholic Speaker/Disc Jockey and has been doing this for many years. It was truly and honor to share the stage with her and perform for 30 minutes at the end of the program! We did the Catholic Dance (by popular demand) and also had a stage full of people dancing. It was a great set of music in celebration and we gave away a bunch of treasure baskets (which I did not win!) There was much fun and an amazing party and praise atmosphere that is still with me today.

I met a ton of people over the weekend in Las Vegas and look forward to networking and working with many Diocesan leaders for their youth rallies and entertainment. My goal is even if I am not there, the Catholic Dance will be so be sure to go to the Catholic Dance link, learn how to do it and share it with all of your family, friends and youth!

Viva Las Vegas…the Catholic Dance is alive and spreading!