Why Do You Need Dj Bill And The Catholic Dance At Your Event?

It's actually very simple. Parish and Diocesean youth leaders want results. Period. And that's why they call Dj Bill.

Dj Bill Lage creates a fun and exciting environment for everyone in attendance. Whether it is kicking off a youth rally with some fun and exciting energy while people are arriving, speaking and connecting with youth through personal stories or performing a unique, high-energy interactive concert/dance to close out any event and send everyone off wanting more. The vision of the day is to challenge all youth to make their homes, parishes and lives better. Isn't that the kind of Dj you want for your next youth rally?


Interesting...but I want more information!

In order to keep in touch with everyone DJ Bill Lage has setup his own personal blog. That is where he talks about the places he has performed, things going on in his world, and anything that pops into his crazy head!

 Read DJ Bill Blog Here


OK, I'm interested but what EXACTLY is the Catholic Dance?

I am glad to hear we have sparked an interest! So exactly what is the Catholic Dance? Great question. Honestly, the best way to describe the dance is to "show" you the dance. So click on the link below to see pictures and watch the videos!

 Learn the Catholic Dance


Sounds great! How do I contact Dj Bill and bring the Catholic Dance to my area?

Great decision. You are entrusting your youth into the hands of not only a great Dj but someone who also shares your beliefs. You can sit back and relax during the event knowing that Dj Bill will create an environment that is safe, fun and Catholic! To contact him just click on the link below:

 Contact Dj Bill


DJ Bill and the Catholic Dance Promotional Video



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